Columbus, Ohio born native Macc DaChopper is sure to captivate you with his UNiQUiE style. He has been making & writing music since his youth, but started going full steam in 2018. He is the founder & creator of iOU (iTSONLYUS). Macc DaChopper is a multi-talented artist that self describes his style as having a Trap Rock vibe.

Macc DaChopper is known for his relatable music, catchy hooks & well known adlibs/catch phrases. Anytime he walks in a building you're sure to hear someone shout "HEEYYY". As well as find videos from various fans floating around social media doing the #heeyyychallenge. 

With Macc DaChopper's re-emergence into the music scene in 2018 he went full force and did 20 + shows just in the summer of 2019. Although 2020 has been a rough year for many, Macc DaChopper has not stopped. 2020 has been the year of New Videos and New Top Hits for Macc DaChoper. 

Macc DaChopper's 1st Mixtape "NEW WEiRD ORDER" was released September of 2019. It features one of his top Singles "RENDEZViOUS". In which you can find fan videos to on TIK TOK.

Person of iNTREST the EP was release September 2020. It is the home of his TOP Single & Highly Sought out single Old Me. Not only has the song done numbers, the music video to Old Me was released June 8th 2020 and has 38k views & counting.

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